IV Peels

Chemical Peels can appear harsh due to heavy peeling and long recovery time. The VI Peel, however, is a chemical peel made to provide the same wonderful results with a shorter, less intense healing process. You may walk in unsure about the treatment, but you will walk out surely feeling rejuvenated, healthy, and beautiful. VI Peels contain a unique combination of optimal skin renewal ingredients, such as Retin A (meant for softening those moderate wrinkles), Trichloroacetic Acid (meant for smoothing deep scars and stimulating collagen production), Salicylic Acid (meant for exfoliating the tissue and acts as an anti-inflammatory), Phenol (meant for lines and creases), and Vitamin C (the antioxidant meant to brighten the skin). All of these ingredients add up to a clear and youthful feeling face!