Perfecting legs at Skin Savvy

Are you wearing that bikini, those short shorts, the miniskirt you really want to? Or are you feeling inhibited by imperfections on your body and covering up the beauty that you are? We are here to let you know that you don't need to hide anymore. You can reduce stretch marks and scars with PRP Microneedling and show off your skin without feeling self-conscious. 

So what is this treatment?

Microneedling breaks apart scar tissue and stimulates collagen along with elastin growth to recreate clear and healthy skin that is smooth, supple, and will be more resistant to creating stretch marks in the future. This treatment is not only effective at resurfacing the skin on the face but very effective at rebuilding damaged skin anywhere on the body! Stretch marks are really just another form of a scar. 


Scars can be a reminder of something we wish to forget, or maybe there is gratitude for the scar that resulted in a new child or even one that was the result of your life being saved! Regardless of how the scar came to be, if you are ready for the scar to become invisible a few Microneedling treatments with PRP will help to heal it! If you are ready to move on from the scar, your skin can appear smooth and unified again. Your authentic skin can be restored. Some scars will benefit from a laser treatment as well to remove the color. The medical professionals at Skin Savvy can advise you on the most effective way to get the results that you hope for.

Leg Veins 

Along with stretch marks, leg veins can impact the clothes you choose to wear. Never fear, because lhe veins can effectively be destroyed by a laser treatment as well. This permanently rids the body of current veins, leaving your skin looking fresh and smooth. This treatment, however, does not prevent future veins from forming. Darn!


What Our Customers Have to Say

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Lisa K.,Los Angeles, CA

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