Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin at Skin Savvy

We are fresh but never frozen!

Though Elsa can let her wrinkles go, we at Skin Savvy prefer to let our confidence show in the form of smooth and natural feeling skin. Our “LESS-IS-MORE” approach lets you banish wrinkles without the fear of becoming “FROZEN”. Elsa never looked this good! 

Botox, Dypspot, and Xeomin are medicines called neuromodulators, which means they stop the repeated muscle movements that create lines and wrinkles in dynamic areas of your face and neck. It takes about a week for results to appear and they typically last from two months to four months. Most people will choose to have this treatment three or four times per year for maximized results. 

There are also some surprising areas that can be treated as well! These areas include the vertical neck bands, the jaw muscle that you use to grind your teeth at night, and in your arm pit for excessive sweating. Cool right?! 

These products are priced per unit in order for us to treat you with the perfect amount. This is so we can achieve the results YOU want, for YOUR biology, and for the longevity that is best for YOU. 

This is not a "one size fits all" treatment. Smaller doses do not last as long and they provide a softer result that is best for what some are looking for. Increasing the number of units will increase the length of time for results along with create a smoother appearance of the area treated that others may be looking for. 

A consultation with our aesthetic nurse expert, master injectors, will help guide you to the best choice for you. 


B O T O X - $ 12 / U N I T

D Y S P O R T - $ 4.5 / U N I T

X E O M I N - $12/UNIT



Skin Savvy is fantastic. The ladies that work there are super sweet and I have always been happy with the work they do. I have seen both Jen and Diana for Dysport and I won't go anywhere else. Their prices are always very competitive and being a student, I really appreciate that. Thanks ladies!

Candace H.
Los Angeles, CA

Diana is THEE best! I relocated from Beverly Hills to Hermosa Beach last year and wasn't sure if I could find the same quality of services in the South Bay for Botox, fillers, and to try treatments like IPL laser, and V-Peel. I found Skin Savvy through Yelp, and all I can say is WOW!

Nikki W.
Beverly hills, CA

PK has such an eye for "just the right amount". I have never been happier with my results.

Twilla, C
Hermosa Beach, CA