Laser Hair Removal At Skin Savvy

Shaving is so 1990's. Why contend with razors, nicks and cuts, and settling for less than butter-smooth skin when laser hair removal is so much easier? After an average of 6-10 sessions you will see 80% permanent clearance of hair regrowth. Forget having to struggle for smooth skin! 

What it means for you?

Tired of having to sit hunched in the bathtub to get rid of hairy legs or about silently worrying in public about whether or not you’ve shaved your armpits? Same. It’s time consuming and awkward having to think about one more thing on top of everything else that’s going on in our lives, especially something as simple as shaving. That’s why Skin Savvy offers a safe and results-oriented laser treatment for unwanted hair reduction. 

How many do I have to do?

In just a few sessions, spread out over a few months, you can be hair free for a lifetime! Give yourself more time for self-care by deleting the time and energy it takes to shave. There are two different laser hair removal devices in order to cater to various skin types and hair colors. Yag and Xeo lasers get rid of 80% of unwanted hair over the course of 8 sessions depending on each person’s tolerance along with their unique and beautiful body type. We can help you take back your time and feel beautiful while doing it! 



Definitely recommend!! I am on my fourth laser hair treatment and it is working really well! Also, everyone there is extremely friendly. I only get treatments every six weeks but P.K. always remembers what I was up to on my last visit! She is very personable and distracts me during the treatment! Very happy I chose Skin Savvy!

Maggie M.

Love it here!! PK does my laser hair removal and she is fabulous! Great location, beautiful place, and great service! Highly recommend