IPL Photofacial and Laser Genesis             

California is the beautiful sunny state of America, but with beautiful weather comes sun spots, freckles, redness, wrinkles, vascular lesions, and scarring. Who wants any of that? No one! But who wants to leave behind outside relaxation to keep their skin healthy and youthful? Ummmm, No one! So what are we supposed to do? 

Well, get an IPL Photofacial of course!


We are all human beings, which means that flawless skin simply doesn’t exist and that’s okay! Laser genesis however can give you the next best thing. Enhance your beauty and still keep it natural with a heat-based laser treatment that utilizes the body’s natural process to stimulate collagen growth to replenish and heal skin tone and texture. Welcome back baby soft skin, youthful tones, and foundation-less unity.  


IPL Photofacial 

IPL Photofacial is a safe and result-oriented laser treatment made to reverse sun damage, improve tone and texture, and tighten pores so that the skin can once again tighten, smooth out, and boost collagen and elastin production. You can finally lay in the sun with your Skin Savvy approved sunscreen and relax. This is where we sigh with relief.  


What Our Customers Have to Say

I recently saw PK for IPL. It was my first IPL experience, and I was a little nervous. PK thoroughly explained the procedure...and the results were better than I anticipated! My sunspots have been greatly diminished, and I will definitely schedule for another visit.
You will love Skin Savvy! Friendly! Great location! Fabulous results!

Paige O.

I love this spot hidden next to the Hermosa Pier. I am always 100% happy with my results from Botox to IPL treatments. They even do flash specials for their clients so get on the email list!

Terresa D.