Fractional Skin Resurfacing at Skin Savvy

A treatment that improves skin texture, tone, and fine lines? Yes, please! Treat your face, neck, chest, and or hands to a service dedicated to removing surface skin damage. Eliminate damaged skin layer by layer to increase skin thickness, remove wrinkles, and improve texture and tone. 

Wait, what?? 

Basically, this treatment is a total skin reboot. Think “control-alt-delete” but for your skin. Evaporate off the top layer of skin so that your body will replace it with a new one! Whoa! Sound intense? It sure is! This treatment is chosen when you need a 1 and done option. Improving deeper wrinkles, acne scars, textural irregularities, as well as surgical and traumatic scars.

Losing collagen?

This means that there is a loss of elasticity in the skin that makes our skin appear wrinkled and dry. With Skin Savvy’s safe, results-oriented laser resurfacing treatment, the healthy layer of skin underneath will resurface, providing room to breathe, stretch, and glow. Fractional Resurfacing Laser Treatment is typically used for the face, neck, and chest, and focuses on burning away the top layer of damaged skin so that the skin beneath can rebuild healthy tissue. This process results in a healthy, long lasting, and polished appearance

Ok, how many should I do?

Fractional skin resurfacing has been available for 2 decades, however the technology constantly continues to improve in efficiency and safety. The Pearl Fractional Erbium laser will partially ablate the top layer of skin during the treatment, and then over the course of a couple of weeks your body recontructs it with new, strong, vibrant, and healthy skin cells that are collagen rich! Typically this is performed as a single treatment and not a series. However some may choose to have a second treatment 3-6 months later for a more dramatic resurfacing. Maintenance treatments can be done every 1-2 years. Initial results are visible in about 2 weeks, however full results are seen in 3-6 months. 


What Our Customers Have to Say

Skin Savvy is fantastic. The ladies that work there are super sweet and I have always been happy with the work they do. I have seen both Jen and Diane for Dysport and I won't go anywhere else. Their prices are always very competitive and being a student, I really appreciate that. Thanks ladies!

Candace H.

I usually go to Beverly Hills for beauty related things, but this is something just as good. Prices a teeny lower than BH thankfully. I had Diana, she is amazing and is super honest and knowledgeable. She is very experienced and is my go-to person

Alize R.