Eyes by Skin Savvy

When you interact with other people throughout the day, or even when you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you instinctually look at? The eyes! We have found that the eyes, and the areas around them, are the most important confidence boosters because people feel that they look their best if their eyes are cared for. 

Shadows under the eyes can be brightened, the bump or dip in the nose can be straightened, and the temples can be smoothed out in order to eliminate that shadowy “skull” like appearance that occurs as we lose facial baby fat. Softening these areas is a beautifying miracle that no-one can tell you have done! 

How can we help? 

Non-surgical Nose Job 

This is the perfect treatment for if you have inherited a bump, dip, or hook that you aren't satisfied with. Whether the bumps and dips on your nose are from genetics or from trauma there is a non-surgical choice to change this!

We can use filler to temporarily reshape your nose into the image you're looking for. The extra cool thing is that you can try out different looks before committing to a permanent surgery. In addition to this, fillers are completely reversible, so unlike getting your bangs cut and having to wait 6 months for them to grow back, you can reverse this treatment instantly with a dissolving medicine if its not the look you had hoped for.


 The temple area is located at the sides of your eyes. This area starts to lose volume in your late 20’s however the loss starts to become truly noticeable in your 40’s. Unfortunately,  this result of aging is more noticeable in people who are more lean.

This depressed area of the face is often overlooked and forgotten, however when the temples sink in this can cause an undesirable “skull-like” appearance that can damage your self-confidence. Sometimes injecting a supporting layer of filler here is a quick and easy way to soften facial features, creating a more youthful and rested look to love. 

Tear Troughs 

One of the most important places to refine is the area around the eyes. Due to genetics or time, the temples and eyes begin to sink in and create dark shadows and depressions on the face. 

These dark circles under the eyes impose a tired look even when you’re feeling pumped and ready to kick the day’s butt. Dark circles happen to anyone regardless of age. 

Both sinking and circles can be solved with fillers. 

At Skin Savvy we use a cannula to inject the filler under the eye. This technique is the safest way to perform this treatment, and it minimizes bruising and swelling in this delicate area. Frequently the under eye bags and dark circles can be made worse by loss of volume in the midface. In this case a filler to support the mid-face would be needed along with the tear trough filler as well. Either way, we are well trained in assisting you regain a look of confidence that will match your positive and pumped attitude for the day. 


Jennifer C.

First time visitor. Love PK. She's a great listener. She addressed all my concerns. I liked her approach to needed updates. Very natural appearance (thank you). Definitely a customer. Looking forward to next time.

Lisa B.

A+ from the great, friendly and informative receptionists to the nurse advisor to the skin technicians.  Super great experience and very happy with the results.  Highly recommend!