Double Chin Reduction at Skin Savvy

Every once in a while we look in the mirror, push our faces back until our neck bunches up and think, “oh gosh, I’m a potato”. What if there was a way to shrink that self-consciousness and the double chin? Luckily for us there is! We can feel great in those quick pics that we don’t have time to pose for!

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA approved, non-surgical solution for submental fat, a.k.a, the dreaded double-chin. As people get older, a layer of puffy tissue accumulates below the jawline and distracts from the beautiful features of one’s face, making them look older. Kybella is your solution to tearing down the fat cells in your chin through a quick series of injections (but no stress! The injections are painless). 

This service allows fat cells in your body to be safely absorbed and eliminated through the body’s natural inflammatory process. In a few short months you can look in the mirror and see natural, sculpted beauty; your beauty, enhanced by a tight, smooth, youthful looking jawline. The results of Kybella can be seen after one or two treatments, but for maximum benefits receiving six treatments may be recommended. Once the fat cells have been dissolved they are permanently eliminated, and the smooth, youthful shape of your face has settled in to stay! 


Gayle D.

Skin Savvy is the best!  I have been going here for 10 years and am so grateful I found this place.  I drive over an hour for each visit and it's well worth it.  Prices are very reasonable and they have good specials throughout the year.  Diana, Jen, PK, Tiffany are all super cool and easy to talk to to.  It's Wonderful!

Dee D.

 I'm so thankful for Jen and her knowledge , she knows so much . Not only does she know but she truly cares . Id say walking into skin savvy changed my life ,my face and the way I viewed myself.